And Relax…Crohn’s & Colitis Colouring Book

Crohn's and Colitis adult colouring book

Over the past few years there’s been an explosion of adult colouring books, quite a few of which *may* found a way into my house…flowers, patterns, animals, you name it, there’s a colouring book out there for you and guess what?! There’s now one out there for us IBD fighters – Crohn’s and Colitis Color to Cope!

My quiet little corner where I love to colour - it's peaceful with good light so the perfect space for a little mindfulness!

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And Relax…the Napping Edition

At the beginning of the year I promised myself I’d try to look after myself a bit better, to try to clear out any feelings of stress and just take some time for myself.

I’ve been trying but probably not hard enough! What better way to give myself the little nudge I need than to actually think about what I need to be doing, do it and then tell everyone about it…

So napping. I’m reeeeeeally good at napping. Luckily I come from a long line of nappers plus Mr Crohn’s is a seasoned pro so understands the benefit of a good nap. Continue reading “And Relax…the Napping Edition”

TP Review: Floralys Aloe Vera Super Soft

When you have Crohn's Disease, having a good toilet roll is a big deal. Bridget Crohns has set herself a quest to find the ultimate loo roll based on price, softness, durability and flushability - this time, Lidl's Floralys Super Soft

Bringing you the TP review this time from my favourite “budget” supermarket – Lidl! Not only do they have reasonably priced food (and all those other random products – power drill anyone? How about some leggings or some LED garden lights?!), they have pretty good beauty and hygiene items as well! Side note: has anyone tried their face creams because they’re supposed to be amazing?!

So when I nipped into my local Lidl, it only seemed right to see how they measure up with other big brands for their offerings of toilet roll. Continue reading “TP Review: Floralys Aloe Vera Super Soft”

TP Review: Sainsbury’s Super Soft

The one thing with Crohn’s is that get to grips fairly quickly what your favourite loo roll is. When you have a committed relationship with your toilet so getting the right stuff to wipe with makes a real difference! The stuff you might have used pre-Crohn’s might not cut it when when you’re going 10, 20+ times a day. If you use the fancy stuff made of puppies and angel’s breath you might find yourself in a bit of a financial situation after a while…

Anyhow…all this time on the toilet means I need to find the perfect toilet paper!   I’ve been pretty happy with the usual stuff I buy BUT there’s a lot out there and I’m going to make it my quest to find the dream roll! Continue reading “TP Review: Sainsbury’s Super Soft”