Happy #humiraday #4

Happy Easter!

Another two weeks have passed and now time for another Humira shot!  For me, the time it takes to get everything ready and *ping* that humira pen (not that long, to be honest…) is a good time to think about what’s been going on since the last shot…

The Good

  • Went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour with Mr Crohn’s and really enjoyed it! Thanks Prednisone for getting my symptoms under control enough to actually be able to have walked around the back streets of London without too much of a worry!
  • Started tapering off Prednisone!

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Prednisone – 3 Weeks In

Current dosage – now down to 15mg a day and reducing by 5mg every 2 weeks.

Side effects – MOON FACE! Yep, it’s arrived.

On a positive note about moon face, the magician Dynamo posted a picture of his moon face which has been all over the internet and news sites. I’ve seen massive support on social media with people posting pics of their own moon face (which takes a lot of guts to do when you’re feeling crap about how you look!) but I’ve also have a lot of support from other people who don’t have an IBD who have said “hey! This guy has what you have!”. Continue reading “Prednisone – 3 Weeks In”

Happy #HumiraDay #3

Yesterday was a bit of  a frustrating Humira day because I was supposed to take my dose last Friday…

My initial delivery from Healthcare at home was due when the weather was pretty grim so can understand why they postponed the delivery.  I rescheduled to a day last week when unfortunately I was running late to work due to my Crohn’s symptoms and wouldn’t have got to the office (where my delivery was scheduled) in time so asked for it to be booked for last Friday when I knew for sure I was working at home.  I didn’t get the normal text reminder so phoned on Friday and they had no record of it being scheduled for that day.  *sigh*. Anyhoot, it got scheduled AGAIN for yesterday and I finally got my Humira!

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Entyvio, Here I Come!

I knew my gastro doc had applied for Vedolizumab after the application for weekly humira shots was declined (again!) but had no idea things would turn around quite so quickly!

This morning I had an email saying that I’d been approved for treatment and someone would in touch over the next couple of days to arrange the appointment. Wow! It was a bit of shock and hadn’t really got time to get my head around it to be honest! I’ve researched on the Entyvio website what to expect, what’s involved, any side effects, etc but really wasn’t expecting anything to be approved for at least a few weeks. Continue reading “Entyvio, Here I Come!”

Happy #HumiraDay #2

It’s that time again! I hope everyone’s been staying warm, cosy and well! The weather here in London has been ridiculous (by English standards) over the last week so hopefully hasn’t disrupted your life too much – my humira delivery was due today but got postponed but luckily I still have one left for tonight!

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