What’s In My Bag (Crohn’s Edition)

What's in my bag - the Crohnie version. When you have Crohn's Disease, the contents of your bag or purse might be slightly different from all of the other glam "what's in my bag" posts - take a look at what I keep in mine!

I’m sooooo nosey…I’m that person who has a sneaky peak in your fridge, a poke around your medicine cabinet…I do draw the line at having a good old root around your handbag though which is why I love all the “what’s in my bag” posts out there.  Most of them are waaaaay more glam than mine but when you have Crohn’s Disease, the contents of your bag is likely to be a little different than the norm…

First of all, my bag – the bigger the better, the easier to look after the better (i.e. can I just bung it in the washing machine when it’s getting a little grubby) and I need to be able to sling it over my shoulder, none of this perching my bag in the crook of my arm nonsense.

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And Relax…Crohn’s & Colitis Colouring Book

Crohn's and Colitis adult colouring book

Over the past few years there’s been an explosion of adult colouring books, quite a few of which *may* found a way into my house…flowers, patterns, animals, you name it, there’s a colouring book out there for you and guess what?! There’s now one out there for us IBD fighters – Crohn’s and Colitis Color to Cope!

My quiet little corner where I love to colour - it's peaceful with good light so the perfect space for a little mindfulness!

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And Relax…the Napping Edition

At the beginning of the year I promised myself I’d try to look after myself a bit better, to try to clear out any feelings of stress and just take some time for myself.

I’ve been trying but probably not hard enough! What better way to give myself the little nudge I need than to actually think about what I need to be doing, do it and then tell everyone about it…

So napping. I’m reeeeeeally good at napping. Luckily I come from a long line of nappers plus Mr Crohn’s is a seasoned pro so understands the benefit of a good nap. Continue reading “And Relax…the Napping Edition”

And Relax…

One of the (many) things I hate about Crohn’s is the tiredness and fatigue. Whether it’s because I’ve been up all night on the loo or my body is just worn out, I hate that “walking through molasses” feeling.

Believe me, I love my bed. It’s one of my favourite places on earth. There are just some times when I don’t want to be there because I’ve got stuff to do! One thing I realised only recently is that I’m not very good at looking after myself outside of the normal day to day stuff that keeps me going. In other words, I’m useless at taking time out, pampering, relaxing, “me time” (ugh, did I actually just say that?!)…

Anyhoot, I’m going to start posting about the little things I’m trying out to make sure I’m getting that much needed down time – mostly to force myself to actually just do it but hopefully to help anyone out if they’re struggling for ideas! If you have any favourite tips or ways of relaxing, let me know because I’d love to try them out!