Ready to talk about poo?  Great!  You’re in the right place!

If you didn’t guess by the name of the blog, I have Crohn’s Disease.  It’s (literally) a shitty disease to live with.  I was diagnosed in 2013 and at the time hadn’t a clue about what my diagnosis meant but I’ve been muddling through and here I am!

I’m not a doctor, I’m no specialist and I have no scientific background at all (unless you count Googling various symptoms and diagnosing myself with everything under the sun…), I’m just a normal 30-something girl with a disease that can sometimes be hard to live with.  This blog is a virtual toilet to dump all my thoughts, feelings and experiences around having an IBD.

It’s important for me to overshare share these things with you as if I can help just one person feel a bit better about themselves or feel less alone with this illness that would mean the world to me.

Thanks for visiting – get in touch!