Friday 18th May

I can’t believe how quickly my third and final loading infusion of Entyvio came around! I had the first one, the second was two weeks later and this one was six weeks after that. Now I’ll only need to go once every eight weeks which is just amazing!

Going in I was a little curious about whether I’d get the immense fatigue I had last time which lasted days!My gastro doc knew I was going for an infusion so asked if I could get some routine blood tests at the same time. The first cannula the nurse used just by my elbow didn’t seem to work well enough to fill the vials so she then made a second attempt just above my wrist which she was so pleased with she said she was expecting a heavenly chorus singing “hallelujah” 😀

The infusion itself went well although felt like it went a little slower than last time – I don’t think they had the drip going fast enough.

I got my blood pressure, blood oxygen level and temperature checked every 10 minutes and all seemed well until one of the checks showed that I had a temperature – really odd because I felt absolutely fine! The reading shortly after that said my temperature was fine so not sure what was going on there!

Home time! The previous times I’ve felt myself start to get drowsy on the way home but didn’t really feel it much this time. I got back home and fired up my laptop (I work from home on Fridays) and kept waiting for the fatigue…and waiting…and waiting…and guess what?! Much to my delight it was nothing like the last time! Hurrah! I did get a little tiredness but totally manageable!

All in all another pretty successful infusion! I’m still finding it hard to tell whether it’s working yet or if it’s still the Humira and steroids still in my system but generally I am feeling better.

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