What’s In My Bag (Crohn’s Edition)

What's in my bag - the Crohnie version. When you have Crohn's Disease, the contents of your bag or purse might be slightly different from all of the other glam "what's in my bag" posts - take a look at what I keep in mine!

I’m sooooo nosey…I’m that person who has a sneaky peak in your fridge, a poke around your medicine cabinet…I do draw the line at having a good old root around your handbag though which is why I love all the “what’s in my bag” posts out there.  Most of them are waaaaay more glam than mine but when you have Crohn’s Disease, the contents of your bag is likely to be a little different than the norm…

First of all, my bag – the bigger the better, the easier to look after the better (i.e. can I just bung it in the washing machine when it’s getting a little grubby) and I need to be able to sling it over my shoulder, none of this perching my bag in the crook of my arm nonsense.

Marimekko pouch

  • kleenex tissues – always good to have to hand for runny noses but also a godsend when you realise you picked the only toilet cubicle without toilet roll…
  • lady stuff – because periods are dumb and it’s always good to be prepared!
  • pills – over the counter stuff – paracetamol (the best pain relief option when you have Crohn’s as Ibuprofen is a no-no), hay fever pills.  I always buy own-brand over the counter meds as they are exactly the same as the branded ones but can save you a fortune
  • eye drops – I work in an office so the climate can sometimes reach tropical temperatures.  That combined with staring at Excel spreadsheets all day leave my eyes quite dry.  I can also get pretty bad hay fever so like to have eyedrops on hand when my eyes get itchy/dry
  • Physician’s Formula pressed powder – I’m not big on makeup but there are some times when I actually try to make an effort so keep this in my bag for getting rid of shine


Pill case – I’m not very good at remembering to take pills sometimes so found this nifty little box on eBay.  I use one section for each day with a little label for each day inside so if I can’t remember whether I’ve taken my pills that day I can just check!


“Opera” wallet – I found this style in Target when I was back in the States and love how everything I need fits in neatly.  Bank cards, loyalty cards, stamps, notes and that all important “can’t wait” card!


Marimekko change purse – I’m like the Queen in that I rarely carry actual money with me (thanks to contactless payment!) but I always make sure I have at least 30p in there so if I need to use a public toilet, I have the right change to hand


“Miscellaneous” pouch

  • Burt’s Bees lip balm – I’ve been using the peppermint lip balm for 20+ years and it’s by far my favourite lip balm. I like that it’s made with beeswax as I find it moisturises much better than lip balms with paraffin wax don’t work that well. I just bought the coconut and pear lip balm and although it smells heavenly, it’s a bit more oily than the beeswax version.
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies to Roll (Energy) – If I need a little “pick me up” during the day (or just want to smell fancy) I like to use this roll on oil on my wrists – do you know what it smells like when you walk into a Neal’s Yard shop?  That is exactly what this smells like!
  • Radar key – this is an absolute must if you have an IBD.  This key gives you access to over 9000 locked public toilets around England so if you REALLY need to go you can just let yourself in the toilet without having to wait for someone to unlock it.  I try not to use the accessible public toilets unless I really have to but there have been a few times when I’ve almost been caught short.  I think you can buy them on eBay or Amazon but if you become a member of Crohn’s & Colitis UK you can not only get a radar key but a “can’t wait” card, other benefits AND help support a really important charity!
  • TFL invisible illness badge – Transport for London offer these “please offer me a seat” badge for anyone who might be less able to stand while using public transport so other passengers can see that you need a seat.  I’ve not had to use this yet but it’s good to know it’s there if I do need it.


Crohnie emergency bag – I’m pretty sure most of the big bloggers who post “what’s in my bag” will not have a pair of granny pants and toilet wipes.  Having Crohn’s means there might be times when I can’t make it to a loo in time and accidents happen so try to be as prepared as I can, just in case.  I keep clean underwear and wet wipes in a ziplock bag  – the bag can be used to keep soiled pants safe and sound until I get home.


A5 Document envelope – I’ve found this really handy to keep any papers I need from getting crumpled and ending up lost forever at the bottom of my bag.  I use it for things like appointment reminders, repeat prescription sheets, tickets for travel, etc.


Bag for life – I FINALLY got into the habit of carrying one of these with me.  I ended up with about a million of these shoved under the sink (possibly breeding as every time I look there seem to be more…) as every time I went to the shop I would have to buy a new one.  What I do now is just pop it straight in my bag once I’ve unloaded my shopping so I always have one to hand!


Portable charger – because not being able to Instagram on the go because your phone battery has died is just unthinkable ;D


So keeping up with my nosiness, what’s in your bag?  Do you have an Crohnie specific things that you like to keep with you at all times?

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag (Crohn’s Edition)

  1. Hi I follow you on Instagram and now on here I was recently diagnosed with crohns I am on a waiting list to see a consultant. I just wanted to know where you get the key from and do you have to pay for it? This blog has given me lots of tips so thank you x


  2. Hi there I just wanted to ask where you get that key from and if you have to pay for it? I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and I am now on a waiting list to see a consultant. Your post have me some really good tips so thank you x


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