What’s In My Bag (Crohn’s Edition)

What's in my bag - the Crohnie version. When you have Crohn's Disease, the contents of your bag or purse might be slightly different from all of the other glam "what's in my bag" posts - take a look at what I keep in mine!

I’m sooooo nosey…I’m that person who has a sneaky peak in your fridge, a poke around your medicine cabinet…I do draw the line at having a good old root around your handbag though which is why I love all the “what’s in my bag” posts out there.  Most of them are waaaaay more glam than mine but when you have Crohn’s Disease, the contents of your bag is likely to be a little different than the norm…

First of all, my bag – the bigger the better, the easier to look after the better (i.e. can I just bung it in the washing machine when it’s getting a little grubby) and I need to be able to sling it over my shoulder, none of this perching my bag in the crook of my arm nonsense.

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Happy #humiraday – the Last One!

This is my last dose of Humira! Last one! An end of Humira (end of an era…get it? *sigh*)…My bi-weekly injections stopped working their magic probably over a year ago. Although I could get approval for funding for weekly injections for 3 months at a time, for whatever reason a year of this funding was rejected a first, second, third, fourth time….

It’s ridiculous because it WORKS! The final time my gastro doc put in a request for funding he very clearly stated to whoever approves it that if it got rejected he would be applying for me to start Entyvio which is actually more expensive! His words in the letter – “if this is refused then the next line would be Vedolizumab which is more expensive which sounds counterintuitive”. YES! Go doctor!!!!

Anyway, it got rejected and I’m now 2 infusions in on Entyvio but have one Humira injection left. I’d normally post about what had happened since the last injection 2 weeks ago (the good AND the bad) but feel it’s only right to think back to some of the wonderful happy things that have happened since I first started using Humira back in March of 2014… Continue reading “Happy #humiraday – the Last One!”