TP Review: Andrex Supreme Quilts

When you have Crohn's Disease, having a good toilet roll is a big deal. Bridget Crohns has set herself a quest to find the ultimate loo roll based on price, softness, durability and flush ability - this time, Andrex Supreme Quilts

I’ve covered some of the cheaper brands so far but this time decided to treat myself to some fancy pants loo roll just to see how paying up to £1 extra per pack can make a difference, if any at all.  Andrex Supreme Quilts is sadly lacking puppies like other Andrex products however it does promise “a touch of silk”…

£2.50 for 4 rolls – a little more pricy than own brand at 62p per roll



Very soft but has a sort of stiffness about it that kind of reminds me of super thin felt



Much thicker than other rolls I’ve tried so is a lot more durable (is it that silk they promised on the packaging?!)



The thickness and the durability makes this the worst so far for flushing and have had to “double flush” pretty much every time :/


Final Thoughts
Mixed views on this one – I really liked the texture and thickness but having to flush twice every time I went to the look was a bit much and because of that I will probably skip this in the future.


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