Happy #humiraday #4

Happy Easter!

Another two weeks have passed and now time for another Humira shot!  For me, the time it takes to get everything ready and *ping* that humira pen (not that long, to be honest…) is a good time to think about what’s been going on since the last shot…

The Good

  • Went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour with Mr Crohn’s and really enjoyed it! Thanks Prednisone for getting my symptoms under control enough to actually be able to have walked around the back streets of London without too much of a worry!
  • Started tapering off Prednisone!

The Bad

    • I got the moon face, the bloats, the racing heart, the tiredness…have to love the balance of taking steroids, right?!


Fun Stuff

  • Public Service Announcement – Season 1-7 of Bake Off IS ON NETFLIX!!!! I feel a binge coming on…

Things I’ve Learnt

  • Apparently the writer of the “Alien” script, Dan O’Bannon, suffered from Crohn’s and for him, “the digestion process felt like something bubbling inside of him struggling to get out.” This feeling is what inspired the scene where the alien punches its way out of John Hurt’s chest!

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