Prednisone – 3 Weeks In

Current dosage – now down to 15mg a day and reducing by 5mg every 2 weeks.

Side effects – MOON FACE! Yep, it’s arrived.

On a positive note about moon face, the magician Dynamo posted a picture of his moon face which has been all over the internet and news sites. I’ve seen massive support on social media with people posting pics of their own moon face (which takes a lot of guts to do when you’re feeling crap about how you look!) but I’ve also have a lot of support from other people who don’t have an IBD who have said “hey! This guy has what you have!”.


  • Still enjoying the lack of urgency to go to the toilet so much
  • I feel like I’m actually able to eat almost good food although I’m still trying to  stay away from major trigger foods
  • Get this – today I had the most “normal” poop I’ve had for years!


  • Moon face
  • Still getting the pounding heart rate but it comes and goes
  • Feel hungry ALL the time but…
  • …feel bloated and full so am trying to just eat reasonable portions of mediocre food
  • Still really gassy at times – stomach gurgling, etc. Any tips to help this?!

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