Entyvio, Here I Come!

I knew my gastro doc had applied for Vedolizumab after the application for weekly humira shots was declined (again!) but had no idea things would turn around quite so quickly!

This morning I had an email saying that I’d been approved for treatment and someone would in touch over the next couple of days to arrange the appointment. Wow! It was a bit of shock and hadn’t really got time to get my head around it to be honest! I’ve researched on the Entyvio website what to expect, what’s involved, any side effects, etc but really wasn’t expecting anything to be approved for at least a few weeks.Imagine my surprise when a nurse phoned me this evening to arrange my first infusion – FOR NEXT WEEK! Luckily I have the day booked off work just to use leftover holiday time but when I was scribbling down where to go, what time to go and who to meet I just felt a little overwhelmed! I’ve had blood tests galore, as you do when you have Crohn’s, but still haven’t got my head around me being hooked up to something feeding drugs through my veins. I’m not squeamish at all and am fine with needles, it’s just the thought that this stupid disease is taking me to the next level of medications. Pills first (Azathioprine), steroids off and on (Prednisone), injecting myself at home (Humira), and now actually having to go to a hospital for treatment.

I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about Entyvio (thanks for all comments, likes and feedback to my Instagram post about the approval today!) so am excited to see the results! I can’t even imagine what it would be like after all this time to not have to worry about where the nearest toilet is, have I got enough loo roll, am I going to be able to sit through a film with Mr Crohn’s without me having to get him to pause it for a toilet break…

If you have any top tips for infusions, I’d be super appreciative – comment below!

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