Prednisone – 1 Week In

Prednisone (aka “Pred” or “Prednisolone”) is a popular steroid to combat Crohn’s symptoms when you’re first diagnosed and also to help out when you’re flaring. For me it’s a miracle drug that fixes thing within a few days but I HATE being in it long term.

Current Dosage – 20mg, reducing by 5mg every 14 daysSide effects – after a week I’ve not seen any “moon face” yet, I’ve felt a bit out of it over the last couple of days and have had times when I’ve felt my heart rate pounding a little bit more than normal. When I’ve been on a higher dose I’ve found that my heart rate increases and can feel it in my neck and down my left arm more than usual but none of that quite yet.

Pros – Crohn’s symptoms have almost gone away. I’m going to the loo less, when I do I’m almost pooing like normal sometimes! No sign of the mental side effects yet…

Cons – starting to feel those side effects…a little shaky, a little out of it, heart rate increasing

I’ve taken Pred many times before and have always started at 40mg. I spoke to my gastro doc and said that it’s worked for me before but can I try a lower dose to start with to see if that can help with the Crohn’s flare but minimise the side effects. He was happy for me to try this out but wanted me to let them know if it’s not working so I can have a higher dose. So far so good…

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