Tuesday 5th March

I had a call from my gastro doc this afternoon. Surprise, surprise, the request for weekly humira for a year was rejected. Again. The doctor is now talking about moving me to Entyvio, an infusion, which makes no sense because it’s more expensive than weekly humira shots (which have definitely worked for me in the past) but easier to get approved.

I am a bit scared about moving on to another medication. Will it work? Will I get side effects from it? It was one thing taking pills in the form of azathioprine when I was first diagnosed and then stepping up to injecting myself bi-weekly but now having to go to hospital for treatment?! It’s a bit overwhelming!

I’ve heard really great things about Entyvio and the fact it targets just the gut and not my entire immune system sounds like a big plus. It’s just whether it will work, will I have side effects and managing spending 2+ hours in a hospital around my full time job.

It’s not been signed off yet but suspect it will be so am doing as much research online as I can. I’d love to hear from anyone who is on Entyvio as to how they feel during and after the infusion, has it made a difference, how they pass the time in the hospital – let me know!

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