Happy #HumiraDay #2

It’s that time again! I hope everyone’s been staying warm, cosy and well! The weather here in London has been ridiculous (by English standards) over the last week so hopefully hasn’t disrupted your life too much – my humira delivery was due today but got postponed but luckily I still have one left for tonight!

So here we go, my bi-weekly roundup since my last humira shot!

The Good

  • Managed to get the mental health referral I’d asked for in my last gastro appointment and have a phone appointment with someone next week – I hope to do a whoooooole post about this because I think it’s something that can be a struggle with IBD.

The Bad

  • When is the worst time for a boiler to break down? Now! Guess who has no heating right now….
  • Flare up – I’ve can feel the difference in how I feel since I’ve gone back to bi-weekly humira PLUS has the monthly lady thing which always makes my Crohn’s worse

Fun Stuff

  • Ok, I tried this out ages ago but remembered it a couple of days ago…Geogussr! You basically a google street view image and have to guess where in the world it is.

It’s surprisingly hard sometimes but ridiculously addictive.

Things I’ve Learnt

  • Crohn’s and Colitis UK did a survey for travel with IBD and their infographic is super:

They’ve put a lot into trying to make travel easier but there’s still a way to go. Have a look at their site and join in their campaign. I struggle with public transport most of the time so this really made me feel like I wasn’t the only one!

How’s your last two weeks been?  Let me know!

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