Thursday 22nd Feb

Current situation: flaring

Although I’m flaring I actually feel a teeny bit positive…

My gastro doc requested for me to see a psychiatrist or cognitive behaviour person because although most of the time I’m chipper and happy, there are times when Crohn’s gets me down and these times are becoming more frequent so it’s only right to go and talk to someone. I phoned my GP a week and half after I got the letter because I hadn’t heard anything…he read the letter out loud over the phone and then asked me what I was asking for a referral for…”erm…read the second paragraph (I had received a copy of the letter so knew what it said)”…I wonder if I hadn’t called if he would have even noticed the referral request?

Anyway, he said I should get a call next week so here’s hoping!

Next step is to make a list of things to talk about when I do get a referral. I’m also wondering if the person I see will have any experience with IBD. Can I request I see someone who actually has experience with this?!

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