Happy #HumiraDay #1

People do weekly roundups so I thought why the hell shouldn’t I jump on that bandwagon too. Slightly different though…

So most of the time I take my Humira shot every other week and it’s when I’m setting up to inject I usually think about what’s happened since the last time I had my dose – the good, the bad, fun things, things I’m grateful for…what kind of diary would be complete without some sort of bullet point list, right?! (I’m not quite at the bullet journal stage of my life and quite frankly think it’d be too much faff for me to not only create one but fill one in every day…I will admire yours though because they are so pretty!).

The Good

  • Met with a new doc who was FAB – he’s looking into why I keep getting rejected for weekly shots and generally made me feel even more well looked after than the last doc!
  • 10th Valentine’s Day together with Mr Crohns
  • Meeting up with an old school friend and laughing like there was no tomorrow!

The Bad

  • Got stressed having no other option to get to work than public transport (more on that in a future post…).  Actually, just having to use public transport in general!
  • Starting to feel more flare-y since Humira is leaving my system in the levels it was when I finished my weekly injections at the end of December
  • Anyone else have a face that decided it didn’t like the cold snap we’ve just had in England? My skin is soooo dry! Any tips?!

Fun Stuff

  • Spice Girl reunion alert! Is it going to happen?  Is it not?!

Things I’ve Learnt

  • The brand name Humira stands for “human monoclonal antibody irheumatoid arthritis” – how did I not know that before?!
  • McDonald’s deliver. This could be bad/extremely good…

  • I don’t keep a bullet journal but saw this on someone’s Instagram stories (Sharon Cooper!). I’ve said before that I’m rubbish at looking after myself sometimes and think this is such a super way of keeping track of things!

How’s your Humira day been?

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