Sunday 18th Feb

Had a wonderful afternoon catching up with an old school friend. You know when you have a good friend when you’ve not seen them for a year but can basically just pick up where you left off!

Managed to get all the way into Islington without any hassles. Small wins, right?!

Return journey not as stress-free. Came very close to not making it to the loo at Waterloo after the tube journey, the accessible toilet was in use to had to try to explain to the lady at the normal toilets that I had the money but REALLY needed to be let through. By the way, there is only one accessible toilet in the whole station.  ONE!  According to the Transport For London site, 100.3 MILLION people travel through Waterloo a year.  That’s 275 THOUSAND a day!   Yes, there are toilets in the restaurants and in places close by but for someone travelling there who hasn’t had a chance to get Google to give them advice it’s a little stinky!  Anyhoot…

Needed to go again on the train home. Not too much of a problem as I’d already found a seat next to it but when I did use it there was no loo roll. Argh! Luckily I had tissues in my bag but not many AND my stop was coming up in 5 minutes…home safe now and very much enjoying my own *vacant* toilet that has plenty of TP!

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