TP Review: Tesco Luxury Soft

When you have Crohn's Disease, having a good toilet roll is a big deal. Bridget Crohns has set herself a quest to find the ultimate loo roll based on price, softness, durability and flush ability - this time, Sainsbury's Super Soft

I’ve been a slacker on the toilet roll reviewing front…can I just blame it on finding this own brand stuff that is actually pretty good!  Ok, maybe not…I’ve just been lazy but here we go!Price
£3.35 for 9 rolls, 37p per roll and is on offer regularly (currently 2 for £6)
5rollsToilet roll review by Bridget Crohns. This time she's reviewing Tesco Luxury Soft toilet paper

It’s soft, probably not as soft as more premium brands (even though it claims to use advanced technology for luxurious softness) but no complaints from me!

Very durable!  Although it’s not super thick, it still feels pretty strong and haven’t had any breakages.

Considering it feels pert durable and strong, 90% of the time you’ll get a clean flush.

Final Thoughts
As I said before, I’ve not tried out any other toilet rolls recently because this one really works for me – combination of softness, strength and price makes it a winner!

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