So You’re Starting Humira…

You’ve been diagnosed with and IBD (or possibly some sort of other autoimmune disease) and you’ve been told that Humira is a treatment option for you…I was reminded about how I felt about Humira when I saw my “on this day” on Facebook this morning and it’s still totally relevant for me…

The first medication I was put on after my diagnosis was azathioprine (pet name “aza”) but after suspected pancreatitis I was switched to Humira. It sounded wonderful – I’d only have to take it every two weeks, a lot of people get good results and virtually no side effects! Hurrah!This is what I posted a year ago today to hopefully help my friends and family (and you?!) understand what Humira is like for me…

“I wanted to post this for anyone who is nervous about injecting themselves with #Humira. I’ve been injecting myself with this immune system killing drug for over 2 years now to help kick the arse out of Crohn’s Disease. When I was first told that I would have to inject myself with something I what like “are you kidding me?! I cannot possibly do that!”.

A quick tutorial with a nurse who came to my house for my loading shots (4!!!) and a few years later and I’m now confident in how to inject myself.

The pic I’ve posted shows the needle. Can’t see it very well? Great! That’s the point! It’s a needle so small you can barely focus on it and it’s so much smaller than the needles used to take blood (if you have Crohn’s or colitis you’ve already experienced a LOT of blood tests no doubt!).

The spring that launches the needle into your thigh/stomach is so much bigger than the needle! The worst bit for me is the “ping!” of the pen when you press the button but is a good distraction from the actual injection. It’s all done within a matter of seconds and I barely feel anything! Sometimes I’m left with a little dot of blood where the needle went in, sometimes a bit more and I’ll need a plaster but most of the time there’s nothing at all! I tend to get a small bruise which lasts about a week but that’s about it!

If any of you out there are new to Humira or going to start Humira – there’s so much love and support across all social media channels #crohns #crohnsdisease #crohnslife #ibd #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #spoonie #humira #crohnsawareness #crohns

I love posting on Instagram when it’s my shot day. I’ll look for Humira tags in posts to remind myself that there are soooooo many other people who are also sitting down to go through the same thing. People take it on different days, different times but it’s just nice to get that “hey, me too!” feeling!

5 thoughts on “So You’re Starting Humira…

  1. I haven’t yet been on Humira for a year yet, but I am liking it so far. I take it every two weeks. When I mine, it does have a bit of a sting but I’d rather have that, than to take the 4 pills a day I took that didn’t seem to be doing a thing for me.


    1. There’s a new formula here in England that is even better because it doesn’t sting at all! I hope you can get it over there soon – there are some times when I have to actually check the injection has happened because I didn’t feel anything!

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