TP Review: Sainsbury’s Super Soft

The one thing with Crohn’s is that get to grips fairly quickly what your favourite loo roll is. When you have a committed relationship with your toilet so getting the right stuff to wipe with makes a real difference! The stuff you might have used pre-Crohn’s might not cut it when when you’re going 10, 20+ times a day. If you use the fancy stuff made of puppies and angel’s breath you might find yourself in a bit of a financial situation after a while…

Anyhow…all this time on the toilet means I need to find the perfect toilet paper!   I’ve been pretty happy with the usual stuff I buy BUT there’s a lot out there and I’m going to make it my quest to find the dream roll!

Today’s TP is Sainsbury’s Super Soft.  Mr Crohns was kind enough to pick up this bumper 9-pack from our local shop when we were down to the last half roll so what better place to start?!

When you have Crohn's Disease, having a good toilet roll is a big deal. Bridget Crohns has set herself a quest to find the ultimate loo roll based on price, softness, durability and flush ability - this time, Sainsbury's Super Soft

£3.00 for 9 rolls, 33p per roll – not bad!

It’s got a very quilted feel to it but not as fluffy and quilted as some premium brands.

Pretty strong – it’s not disintegrated or fallen apart when I’ve used it

The jury is still out on this one.  About 80% of the time it will flush in one go but there are some times when a second flush is needed

Final Thoughts
It’s pretty decent toilet paper.  I think the combination of price and durability would make me want to buy it again but would really like something that flushes better.

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