Today’s Appointment (and a Little Rant)

So in my last post I mentioned that I wanted to push for my Humira dose to be increased from once every two weeks to once a week. I’ve tried it before, it seems to work for me.

I had a routine appointment with my gastro doc today and discussed it with him. He thought it best to try to get me up to a weekly injection on a long term basis because it’s worked in the past rather than try something new. Next step – going for a blood test next Friday to start the wheels moving!

What they’ll be looking for is a low level of Adalimumab (aka Humira) so they can justify spending more money on me and the best time is before the next dose when the levels are at their lowest. Fingers crossed!

On a separate note (and here comes the rant…), there is nothing that gets me more annoyed than sitting in an overcrowded waiting room and hearing people moan (very loudly) about how long they’ve had to wait for.

1. You can see it’s busy. There’s also a big old sign in the middle of the waiting room saying to expect a delay of an hour.
2. The doctors are working as quickly and as hard as they can to see everyone but they’re very clearly stretched and overworked.
3. It’s the NHS. You’re not paying for this visit or any of the treatments or medications I assume you are on or have had because although I’m no Sherlock Holmes, I’m sitting in an IBD clinic and am guessing that you’ll have had at least some form of procedure. IT’S FREE! Stop moaning! There are people around the world who would give anything to wait for an hour instead of struggling to get the treatment they need or a visit with the doctor because they just can’t afford it. Next time, bring a book, have a nap, just anything other than broadcasting to everyone else (who are all in the same position) how long you’ve been waiting and who you’re going to complain to.

I am utterly grateful for the NHS and all of the FREE care I’ve received since being diagnosed with Crohn’s and am happy to sit in a waiting room for as long as it takes!


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