Can I Have More Humira, Please?!

My current meds are 1 shot of Humira every two weeks and 6 Asocol pills every day. This combo kind of works. My symptoms aren’t toooooo bad but I get flares. I’ve had a weekly dose of Humira a few time and that teamed with the Asocol really seems to work well for me.

I have a routine appointment tomorrow where I want to push for a weekly dose of Humira. I know there’s finding and paperwork galore involved in getting it approved but I think it’s the next step in my medication journey.
My first med was azathioprine and that just didn’t work for me – I took it for a while and had to stop due to suspected pancreatitis. Because of that I can’t take anything related to it.

I know there are other options out there for meds but I kind of want to stick with what I know (Humira) so will have to see what the doc says!

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