TP Review: Sainsbury’s Super Soft

The one thing with Crohn’s is that get to grips fairly quickly what your favourite loo roll is. When you have a committed relationship with your toilet so getting the right stuff to wipe with makes a real difference! The stuff you might have used pre-Crohn’s might not cut it when when you’re going 10, 20+ times a day. If you use the fancy stuff made of puppies and angel’s breath you might find yourself in a bit of a financial situation after a while…

Anyhow…all this time on the toilet means I need to find the perfect toilet paper!   I’ve been pretty happy with the usual stuff I buy BUT there’s a lot out there and I’m going to make it my quest to find the dream roll! Continue reading “TP Review: Sainsbury’s Super Soft”

Can I Have More Humira, Please?!

My current meds are 1 shot of Humira every two weeks and 6 Asocol pills every day. This combo kind of works. My symptoms aren’t toooooo bad but I get flares. I’ve had a weekly dose of Humira a few time and that teamed with the Asocol really seems to work well for me.

I have a routine appointment tomorrow where I want to push for a weekly dose of Humira. I know there’s finding and paperwork galore involved in getting it approved but I think it’s the next step in my medication journey.
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I Have the Lurgy

I feel like shit. It was bound to happen. Everyone around me (other half, colleagues) have all got or had the “lurgy” and it seems that now it has blessed its presence with me.

I’ve been surprisingly healthy over the last few years considering I’m on Humira and my immune system is low.

I used to get sinus infections all the time and the usual autumn/winter colds that everyone else got.

I’ve now got the beginnings of a cold/flu and I’m miserable. Throw me any Crohn’s stuff and I see to be able to deal with it but a cold?

Everyone else around me who is ill is popping the vitamin C and trying to boost their immune system but feeding my immune system is the last thing I want to do.

What do you do when you are feeling sneezy and cold-y?